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Nightmare on Grelle Ave

Nightmare on Grelle Avenue has been a wonderful experience for me. I have been able to work with actors that I did not know prior to starting this project on September 10th. I really like the video, even if there are a couple things I would change, I am really proud of what I made. And I hope you enjoy it enough to share it with your friends.

Thanks for watching!

Nightmare on Grelle Avenue

October 19, 20, 26, 27, & 31

2621 Grelle Avenue

Lewiston, ID 83501

Tickets $10

Directed by Matt Robinson

Asst. Director Elliott Wetzstein

Camera 2 Shane Harrington


Ghost Lenna Nesbitt

Girl 1 Sarah Walter

Girl 2 Jane Harrington

Girl 3 Mary Messinger

Killer Skip Robinette

Boom Elliott Wetzstein

D.P. Matt Robinson

Makeup & Voice Talent Katie Nesbitt

Gaffers Shane Harrington

Elliot Wetzstien

Masie Messinger

Sophia Harrington

Katie Nesbitt

Clappers Jeff Jacobs

Masie Messinger

Sophia Harrington

Music by: Daniel James of the TELL Soundtrack

Produced By: NormalHill.COM

in association with Harrington Marketing and Videograghy

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