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It's been hard being creative

OK. There are people that have definitely had it way harder then me. I didn't lose my job or a family member.

I very much do not want to sound ungrateful for what I have, or diminishing about the suffering of others.

My mental health hasn't been the best through these times. The thing I usually reach for is my creative hobby. And that's been challenging.

After almost a dozen festivals we were selected to screen WITCHES GET STITCHES to were canceled, and then having to quit social media to protect my mental health from toxic bullshit, and being worried that my family might die. I just couldn't make stuff.

Either way. Now I am trying to put myself back out there. We made one little short short. CRISS CROSS during lock down, and there was a lot of starting and stopping. Fuck, whatever. This was a a shared experience, everyone has had a challenging time.

I'm back to making stuff, and it's hard to stop once I start... unless I feel hungry. Then it's easy to stop, but I can just start back up.

Back to doing fun work.


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