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It has been awhile!

Holy Mackerel! We are a bit behind on updating our site. Art Rocks has been out since December of 2017. Almost a year! We shot a short in the spring. It was such a fun shoot, and we had a great time with our cast and crew. Of course everything that could go wrong did. It was crazy windy (we were shooting in an old and very drafty barn). The lights that we rented were not what we had expected. But we were working with some amazing people who made it our best shoot yet. The short itself is still in the early stages, we are applying for grants and collaborating on post production.

We are also still working on our second documentary, Captain Cure. We are in the process of conducting more interviews, and have a ways to go, but we are really excited to make another doc and to tell this story.

The Idaho Horror Film Festival was last weekend, and Matt had a great time doing, as usual. He was also interviewed for an article about the festival, you can read that here: Boise Weekly- Idaho Horror Film Festival: Spud and Guts.

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