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Contest and Art Rock's release date!

Art Rocks has an official release date, you guys! So when is it you may ask? Well, it will be uploaded and ready to view on Facebook Wednesday December 13th at 3pm. Yes, that is only 1 week away! But wait, there's more, and it is even more exciting! What could be more exciting than the release of Art Rocks you ask? Well, how about a contest with a prize package that is valued at over $100!

Not just any contest, but a rock hunting contest. Starting Friday December 8th, we are going to be hiding the font and number rocks that we used in the documentary for five days leading up to the release on Wednesday. There are 96 rocks in total, so we will be hiding about 20 rocks a day. We will also be posting a photo/video clue to the LC Valley Rocks' Facebook page after the rocks have been hidden for that day. The rocks have a special label on the back telling you exactly how to enter, so they will be easy to identify.

All you need to do to enter is: post a photo of the rock you found to the LC Valley Rocks' Facebook page along with #artrocksdoc in the body of the post. If you do not post a photo with the hashtag "#artrocksdoc" to the LC Valley Rocks' Facebook page your entry will not be considered a valid entry. Only one entry per day per person, so you can have a total of 5 entries. There will be multiple rocks at each location, please only take one per location so that everyone has a chance!

The prize package will include everything you need to paint rocks of your own, a variety of brushes, acrylic paints, paint pens, mod podge for attaching labels, and a sealant. There will also be gift certificates for Art Uncorked classes, as well as a $25 Happy Day card and a $25 Dutch Bro card.

We're grateful for all the help that we received on this documentary from the rock painting community! We hope that you have fun with the contest and enjoy Art Rocks when it comes out 12/13!!


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