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This is my submission to the 2012 Film Riot Monday Challenge: Halloween

Filmed on Kodak Zi8 (pocketcamera) edited in Final Cut Pro X.

The assignment was to be as creepy as possible, and at least I felt creepy doing this. We all had a great time making this, but especially Logan. My six year old son Logan did a great job, it was really fun negotiating with him for this. He was really excited to be in a video instead of just running the clap board, then he realized he could get more. So he haggled his way into his own ninja video, so Keep your eye out for "ENTER THE LOGAN," we just shot it and he was such a demanding Diva the entire time.

I hope you had fun watching and - Thanks Film Riot Community, you're the best.

Next week we are going to have a “Inside Normal Hill Halloween” Video, with lots of BTS and commentary. And seriously look out for a couple kid videos next week as well.

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