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Gloria and Morty Mortenstein

This is by far my favorite video of this month. We put it together in one night, we ad-libbed the entire thing, and even though our makeup was coming off, I was proud of how cool it looked.

So or Halloween my six year old son Logan dressed up as Batman, and my girlfriend (Katie) and I dressed up as a old stereotype jewish couple (we have been pretending to be these characters for a while) so when our local comic book shop said they were gonna give away a gift certificate to their favorite costume pic, we decided that after trick or treating we would ad-lib a web-cam video.

The Comic shop in question is Safari Pearl. I love that place!!!! Anytime I am up in Moscow Idaho I make sure to spend it there. I adore Kathy (the owner) and love the selection of Ben Nye products. It is simply my favorite store!

Please vote for me so I can buy some more zombie makeup. The way to do so is to like the Safari Pearl facebook page and then when they put pictures up, just vote then. Thanks!!!

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