Nightmare Before Christmas

Alright so here is another Promotional video for Nightmare on Grelle Avenue. This time they are doing a The Nightmare Before Christmas (themed) Theatrical Tour & Toy Drive. I love their location, and I love some of the people involved in it. Especially this guy Jonathan Rode of Cemetarys Edge FX. We totally bonded and are in planning for some cool collaborations.

So here’s the deal with this video. I am really proud of how this turned out. Not because of the end product, but because of the circumstances of how I got this job. I got a call from the operator of Nightmare on Grelle Avenue (Karen Kelly) @ Tuesday 1:37pm 12/11/12, meet with her (& crew) a half hour later at a diner, and as I sit here now typing this post it is 12/12/12 @ 11:26PM.

In just over a day I wrote, produced, shot, cut, and made the VFX for this video. Also, I had not seen The Nightmare Before Christmas since it came out, so I had to watch the movie to try and stay close to the source material, while making a video to make the event planners happy. I am really proud that I was able to get this assignment coordinate the shoot, and the actor (with costume), and just plain old, make it up as I went. I really like how zero looked, and overall I think it’s a decent Ad, but most of all (I’m tots on a soap box) I’m glad I did it so I can gain this type of experience, as an artist, & businessman.

So now, i’m off to bed to head to my real job starting @ 4am. :) Sad Potatoes!

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