Normal Hill Halloween- Poster

Here is our poster that will be at the Kenworthy Theater. I am really excited about this! My very talented friend Paul Fuson did a great job at making an ominous feeling movie poster. Seriously, this is like an awesome test explosion gone horribly right!!

A quick revision to our release schedule had to be made, mostly it’s to time the release of the videos after their premier at the Kenworthy Theater.

October 11th: “It’s Yours Forever” SHORT

October 11th: MOSCOW ZOMBIE WALK to benefit Palouse Habitat for Humanity

October 18th: “Backyard Fire Pit” Ultra-SHORT

October 25rd: “Babysitter” SHORT Produced by Matt Morgan

October 30th: LIVE SHOW with Prizes, & our Entry to the ABC’s of Death 26th Director Contest

Thank you so much for your patience, and thank you for watching.

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