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It's Yours Forever- NH Halloween #1

Here is the first video in our 2013 Halloween series. The next video “Backyard Firepit will release on YouTube Friday the 18th at 12pm. Thank you for watching.

Written, Directed, & Edited by: Matt Robinson

Emma St.

Awesome Kimberly Tolson

Fresh Zombie Alex Geidl

Old Zombie Lanchi MacDonald

Walking Away

Zombie Elena Mechling

Horde Zombie 1 Lana Prater

Horde Zombie 2 Jamie Morgan

Horde Zombie 3 Katie Nesbit

Horde Zombie 4 Elliott Wetzstein

Horde Zombie 5 Madison Morgan

Horde Zombie 6 Logan Robinson

Horde Zombie 7 Caity Morgan

Horde Zombie 8 Evenlyn Morgan

Girlfriend in Phone Dayna Cooper

Boom Operator Jesse Cramer

Clapper/Loader Tryston Soderstrom

Boom Operator Elliott Wetzstein

Makeup Julia Harrington

Dolly Operator Shane Harrington

Digital Ingest Katie Nesbitt

Craft Services Katie Nesbitt


Additional Foley Boris

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