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Normal Hill Halloween Playlists

Here are some of my favorite Horror Shorts on the internet. I like them for various reasons, and I think that you’ll like them too.


1: Dark Times - This one is just simply fun. It is my favorite use of POV in a zombie short.

2: Mother Died - Bloody Cuts are just bad ass. And I love this one, very dramatic, but simple. I love a video where zombies are just a back drop, and not in a gore porn fore front. (Wow that was fun to type.

3: 2 Hours - This video is very inspiring to me. It was shot on a canon T2i (A very similar camera to my own) and the color grading tools are the ones I use. It's very well put together, and on no budget. And once again they do not sacrifice story for gore.

4: Cargo - This is wonderful, and just a great way to tell a story about a father loving his child. It really brought me to tears when I saw it the first time, then when I watched it the second time the cinematography almost gave me the same result.

5: I Love Sarah Jane - Simply beautiful. Every part of this video is gorgeous, but especially the performances. These kids should have received an Academy Award for this.


1: ENDLESS - Shot entirely in high speed slow motion. It's super interesting, and a great concept .

2: HACKED - Extremely short and simple, and a great jump scare.

3: TELL - My hero Ryan Connolly made this short for less than $1000, and used only friends and family for a crew.

If you like the slow twisting of the knife kind of suspense, this is the short for you.

4: SUCKABLOOD - Bloody Cuts Films is the best. This short is made like a nursery rhyme, but it's not for kids. Well paced, written, shot, and some great prosthetics.

I have watched this several hundred times. You should try it at least once. So what do you think? Did I miss anything?

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