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Hells Canyon Honeys- Promo Video

My girlfriend Katie/Peaches & Scream is on the local Roller Derby team, and they are about to have there first “Bout.” The Hells Canyon Honeys are a great group of girls, and my lady and I thought it might be nice to make them a couple videos.

It was really fun, we got to use my new Resolve Camera Dolly, and my Bescor motorized pan/tilt head, it was really fun. After getting some footage from their practice, we invited them all over to get the glamor shots. It was a lot of fun except for how hot the lights were in my garage.

Best part though was making the custom motion graphics for them. I am getting more comfortable in my compositor, and I think I might try to make some more.

Hells Canyon Honeys RULE!!!!

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