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Good Doggie- Trailer

So here it is. We have been working hard on this short film for a while. I am very proud to announce that on October 17th, 2014 I will be watching my first film being screened in front of a festival audience.

We have gotten into the first annual Idaho Horror Film Festival. We are screening Friday night at midnight with a feature film called Blood Riders: The Devil Rides with US. I am very excited to go see it with a more critical audience, but most of all I want to go meet more filmmakers... maybe find a sound designer, or colorist, Hmm Hmm maybe.

Either way I am so excited to meet other video creators, and continue to make more shorts for festivals throughout the northwest.

I made a special page just for this film, so make sure to check it out for other updates on this Short Films screenings, and possible successes.


October 4th 2014 - LC Valley Zombie Walk

October 17th 2014 - Idaho Horror Film Festival

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