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Summer 2012 Film Riot Video Entries

This summer my friends and I made a couple entries to Film Riot’s Monday Challenge. They’re pretty fun, and a great community to be a part of. Not certain if I am going to have time to do more, but I keep watching the show, and if something really excites me i’ll make one.

Monday Challenge: Slow Motion

Film Riots Monday Challenge: Slow Motion. Well i've been testing some effects for my serious short i'm making this summer, and this was my personal test for the slow motion. I wasn't going to upload it, but then Ryan said slow motion, and I already used he Pimp walking song, so perfect. What do you think?m Filmed on a Kodak Zi8 at 60 FPS.

Monday Challenge: Day for Night

Film Riots Monday Challenge: Day for Night. My girlfriend Katie thinks her dog is a deep thinker, intellectual, and thoughtful... I just think he's so old that he wants to die. So we made him a Facebook fan page, we've been having a lot of fun with it. We think he's an interesting character, and we thought he would be perfect for the Film Riot crowd.

Boris Fanpage

Monday Challenge: Interrogation

Film Riots Monday Challenge, Interrogation. Thank you Gavin, Matt, & Jesse for the help. We made it 2 days before the deadline, and it was super fun. Thanks!

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